Singing is such an important part in all our of lives, whether we know it or not, and a skill that most people have in different levels of ability. Like learning to ride a bike, some take a little longer, some need a little more practice, some are wobbly and others are naturals, some enjoy the flat and others enjoy racing down hills. The same can be said for singing.

My singing lessons, in the same line as my piano lessons, are about enjoying what you are doing. If you are relaxed you are going to enjoy your singing more, the bonus is, if you’re having a bad day sometimes singing can get you out of that rut.

During a lesson you can expect to have some warm up time, these help us to learn what is going on to make this sound come out of us and the ways we can get the best sound while looking after our voice. We’ll practice some songs, often ones that you would like to learn and a few that I pick out that will suit your voice and help teach you the skills we decide you need to work on.

I love supporting my singers to go out and perform if they want to, many of them enter the local Performing Arts Competitions, have opportunities to perform in local concerts or public events. This is such a fantastic way to share your skill and get some experience.

Like with piano I am always keen to encourage my students to write their own music and am happy to help with this process if you need it.