Studio Policy

While I’m passionate about teaching music, there is a need for me to create a Studio Policy as this is also my job! I am happy to talk through or discuss any aspects of my policy if you are unsure or have queries.


Lessons are 30, 45 or 60 minutes long. Students are expected to arrive no later than their start time and be collected at the end of their lesson.

Parents/Guardians are welcome to stay and observe lessons at any time.


As with any skill, practice is very important and regular practice will help their improvement.

  • This will involve having a piano or keyboard at home to practice for piano students!
  • Short practice sessions more frequently will be more effective than an longer sessions once or twice a week. Encourage a habit of spending 10-15 minutes (or a little longer depending on age/ability) at a specific time every day so it becomes ‘the norm’. The day of/day after a lesson is especially important so the student remembers what we learnt and can apply that to their practice.
  • Practice applies to Singing students too! You may have exercises to practice, songs to research, words to learn – so many reasons to practice!
  • We’ll talk about other ways you can practice or work on your music outside of lessons as well.

Parental Involvement:

For my younger students, support from Parents/Caregivers is crucial to the success of each student. Encouraging your child to practice and even spending a few minutes with them to hear what they have learnt will help them to develop and share the enjoyment of learning their instrument.

Their notebook or practice sheet is our means of weekly communication about expectations, and should I have any updates on progress or concerns this will be communicated by email or phone.


  • Fees will be invoiced at the beginning of the month unless otherwise agreed.
  • Payment is due 14 days after the invoice date by cash or internet banking.
  • Failure to make payment prior to the issue of the next invoice may result in the cancellation of the lesson time slot.


Please do not send your child to lessons if they are sick. I currently run a full schedule and I appreciate your consideration in helping me run a healthy studio.  Coming to lessons sick not only puts other students at risk but also myself and if I can’t teach everyone misses out! If there is another cancellation in the coming weeks, the student will be offered that spot, alternatively if enough notice is given a make up lesson will be issued.

All piano students are required to wash their hands before their lesson, there are facilities to do this in my waiting area.

I sanitise my keyboards and any equipment used (such as headphones) frequently, during the winter season this is done even more often!


  • Lessons cancelled with 24 hours notice in advance will be rescheduled if a time slot permits.
  • Lessons cancelled with less than 24 hours notice will incur the full lesson fee, but I will attempt to reschedule if a time slot permits.
  • While I will endeavour to provide and communicate any make up lesson times, students must note that I do work at full capacity so make up/reschedule slots are not guaranteed.
  • If I am unable to teach a scheduled lesson I will endeavour first to book a make up time, alternatively the lesson will not be charged for.
  • While I generally follow the school term, I am happy to have lessons through the holidays when requested. There will also be time slots available in the summer and school holidays for make up or additional lessons if requested.
  • Full lesson fee will be charged for missing a lesson without notice.
  • Three or more cancellations within a term may result in cancellation of the time slot available on a case by case basis.