My lessons are styled towards the student and what they want to get out of their music. If they ‘don’t know’ that just adds to the fun of finding out what lights a spark when they play!

Ultimately I want my students to be having fun and to enjoy learning their instrument.

First lessons are very exploratory, for my first time pianists you’ll get to explore the keyboard, play a few games and get some basic rhythm under your belt. I can see what your style of learning is and how fast you are picking things up and that can help us decide where to next.

For first time singers we talk about what you want to sing, what you like to sing and then we’ll warm up, and find out what your voice knows how to do and what it needs to learn. We can then sort out pieces that will suit your voice going forward. We’ll also add in some fun exercises to help us learn how to get the best out of your voice.

If you have already played before that is fine too! Bring something you already know how to play or something you really want to learn and I’ll add some extras around that to help you get to the level you want achieve – whether it be to play along with the family, exams or a performance in public!