Hutt Valley Performing Arts Competitions 2019

A big congratulations to all of my lovely singers who competed in the above competition last week! What a big three days! Everybody did amazingly well and I’m so proud of all my wonderful students, the awesome Major Minors solo singers and all the fantastic Arts a Go Go! solo singers. Such a great competition for all of us! I’ll let the others post their results, my students received the following results with a big congratulations to Mei who won the trophy for ‘Most promising competitor under 16’ and Jessica who won the trophy for an ‘item of specal appeal’ […]

How does musical learning, specifically the aspect of singing, listening, rhythm, and creativity, impact on early childhood?

Back in 2007 I completed a Diploma in Early Childhood Teaching from the Institute of Registered Music Teachers. Below is a synopsis of my research essay as per the above title and always good to remind ourselves why early childhood music is so invaluable! It has been amazing to watch the children in my classes learn through music, and it has always been intriguing listening to and finding out how the children have been growing outside the classes in their daily environment. In combination with the information obtained on the four aspects in the title question (singing, listening, rhythm and […]