Hutt Valley Performing Arts Competitions 2019

A big congratulations to all of my lovely singers who competed in the above competition last week!

What a big three days! Everybody did amazingly well and I’m so proud of all my wonderful students, the awesome Major Minors solo singers and all the fantastic Arts a Go Go! solo singers. Such a great competition for all of us!

I’ll let the others post their results, my students received the following results with a big congratulations to Mei who won the trophy for ‘Most promising competitor under 16’ and Jessica who won the trophy for an ‘item of specal appeal’ (both girls also attend Arts a Go Go!) And a fitting end for Jacks last competition with the most laughs for his humorous song as the last song of the comps!

A SUPER BIG THANK YOU to Rachel from Arts a Go Go! who lets me share her wonderful kids and play for them, helps me out with everything over the competition days and is an awesome support to us all. To Karen and Jim who played for the kids too, you guys rock! And to all the amazing parents (and kids) who helped backstage or side stage, with whatever needed doing. There are probably more, but I’m off to bed now for much needed sleep! Well done everyone!

From youngest to oldest (roughly!):

Commended – Song in Costume

2nd – Musical Theatre
3rd – Song in Costume

3rd – NZ Composer
3rd = – Novice Vocal Solo
Highly Commended – Lullaby

1st – New Zealand Composer
1st – Musical Theatre
VHC – Popular Song
VHC – Song in Costume

2nd – Song in Costume
3rd – Popular Song
3rd – Lullaby

Trophy – Most promising competitor under 16
1st – Novice Vocal Solo
2nd – Song in Costume
2nd= – Lullaby
3rd – Vocal Solo
3rd – Folk or Traditional Song
3rd= – Musical Theatre
VHC – Popular Song

3rd – Vocal solo with own accompaniment
3rd= – NZ Composer

Trophy – Item of special interest
1st – Vocal Solo
1st – Vocal Solo with accompaniment (played guitar for Jack!)
2nd – Own Composition
2nd= – Duet (with Stacey from Arts a Go Go!)
2nd – Song in Costume
2nd – solo with own accompaniment
2nd= – Lullaby
VHC – Popular Song
VHC – Humorous Song
Commended – Musical Theatre

1st – Vocal solo with Accompaniment (with Jessica)
2nd= – Humorous Song
2nd – Popular Song
3rd – Vocal Solo
3rd = – NZ Composer

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